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Friday, February 15, 2019

Driving Forward

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Here's a peak at CREATOR DRIVEN efforts to help in #DrivingCreators in 2019!

Jim Kersey 
His lovable robots, the AMOK BROS have been a passion project for Jim for years.  An excellent comedic piece, this strip is going daily!  Jim has also been putting out, on his own, the Useless Future Anthology.  It's pocket sized perfection for your reading pleasure!  He's been featured in works such as the Unlawful Good, Death Saves, and Source Point Presents.


5 Meats Comics
The folks over at 5 Meats have a bonafide hit on their hands with Mashbone and Grifty.  Critically acclaimed even, this romp is one hell of a fun ride! Don't take my word for it, check out what The Comic Book Yeti has to say!  This year the next three issues are on tap.  Be on the lookout for the continuation and make sure to nab the first three issues!

Digital Comics

Jeff Martin
Jeff is making a weekly webcomic about demons who work in the office that runs Hell. It's called Hell, Inc. I mean come on, how much more fresh of a hell can you get than that? It is comedy gold thanks to being filled with so much of what gives us our own little slice of hell each day. There's more to Jeff so poke around his site!

Weekly Strip

Ovation Comics
We here at the I-E have known about Ovation for a while now and are very excited for their new project Infinity Agents! This one will kick off FEB 6th! Our buds over at Lyonsden hitched onto the MASQUE Kickstarter this last year. Ovation is developing a nice corner of the indie scene. Give them a look!


John Ward
Ok, this book sounds fantastic.  A guilt-ridden tattooist discovers her clients are being possessed by the tattoos she gave them.  Whoa!  This is indie horror personified folks!  He's also got a book hitting the shelves in FEB!  Take a peek around his site and explore.

Comic Info

Blue Bolt Comics
These folks have a webcomic about Candles living in a dark world that need to light their wicks to see, but risk melting in doing so. Quite the juxtaposition found in The Life of Nill. Currently they're getting VOL 1 of the webcomic wrapped up for everyone! Head on over and give it a read.


Torey Nelson
We've got us a space fantasy comic entitled Dark Age from Troy. This one looks very promising. Galaxies in peril during a time when science and sorcery has seen the line between them vanish? Yeah, we're in. The first full length chapter is set to be out in the first quarter of 2019 but there's a prologue mini-comic to be read!


There are two books being worked on currently here.  Symphorians and Love Evolves.  The first is about hope for a better future.  Our choices weigh heavy on our world and we can do better.  There's always room for books with a positive message!


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