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Monday, November 5, 2018

Preview - Knights of the Golden Sun #1

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KOTGS is the next foray into comics from MAD CAVE STUDIOS.  After the brilliant fantasy comic BATTLECATS we were given the gritty MIDNIGHT TASK FORCE.  What we've got here is something else entirely.  Using the Biblical narrative we're given the start of a tale that shows us how the coming of the Savior (Jesus) almost didn't happen ...

One of the biggest hiccups I've seen in other previews/reviews of KOTGS speaks to the fact that "we already know how this turns out." Well, yes, but I ask how that takes away significance from the middle?  Pretty sure we knew what happened in EPISODE IV of Star Wars but we've got Rogue One and Solo anyway ... why?  Because there's story, development, and plenty of entertainment to be had in the in between.  This is exactly what KOTGS does.  In the 400yrs between the Old and New Testament a whole hell (no pun intended) of a lot went down.  God apparently decided to stop and smell the flowers leaving his Angels to deal with the Fallen while protecting mankind from their influence and evils.  Yeah, I'd say there's plenty of potential for interesting, moving, and entertaining events in that.

Mark London and Mauricio Villarreal bring to life this between time when there was a war waged with humanity hanging in the balance. One of the best aspects of the book is the humanizing of the Godly beings. Both the Angels and Fallen are dealing with feelings of abandonment and betrayal at the hand of God. Whether because of being cast out or being abandoned, but sides of the good/evil struggle must find their way.  Lucifer's way is very clear.  He and his fallen will drive right through the Father's newest creation (man) to strike back and gain revenge for being cast out.  The charge from the Father that walked out on them is what drives the Angels.  Protect humanity.  

This 'space between' take on the well known Biblical events really allows the book to be more than just another "Angels and Demons" romp.  We're already given much more than that by tying the characters to human emotions and reactions.  The aforementioned abandonment and betrayal isn't all that's on offer.  Greed, coveting, and pride are all on display in just this first issue. Some people might be jarred by the fluid moving time and back and forth to certain events but that's just how Mark gets us to cover big swaths of information and time (see BATTLECATS).  For some it may be a bit much but it serves the purpose of getting you properly placed and the characters set up for the course going forward.  

You're also in for a treat visually.  This is a tale about Godly characters and Villarreal's art absolutely gives that feel.  Everything appears MORE.  The details (such as the swords or sheen on the Angel's eyes), the coloring, and even the textures all give off a look worthy of the subject matter.  Not only that, but textually the books is just gorgeous.  There are landscape scenes that are rich beyond belief.  

All in all we've got a very fine debut issue for KOTGS.  Yes, some people might feel jarred by the movement of the plot and how fast paced things move.  There's purpose in that as there's going to be so much play out over the course of the series.  This is a tale of eternal struggle and we're being given a very human approach to these Godly beings.  

KOTGS hits shelves on NOV 14th!  


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