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Saturday, July 28, 2018



IF you haven't heard of Alterna Comics at this point, how that's possible is beyond me.  I say that because this is a comic publisher that is poking holes all up in the armor of today's conventional thinking about what books "need" to be in order to sell.  No, Alterna doesn't do that.  They do what SHOULD be done.  Alterna puts out books dripping with quality.  The storytelling, worlds created, artwork, and well ....
everything is just stellar.  Yeah it's newsprint and that's half of what makes it awesome.  Getting that feeling picking up one of their books is just like what I had growing up and pulling the new books right off the rack.  Terry Mayo has arguably the best book of the Alterna bunch and that's saying A HELL OF A LOT.  This puts the Wicked Righteous in the company of CROAK, Scrimshaw, The Chair, Tresspasser, Go West, and The XII.  This is big time company here and it rightfully deserves to be there.

Lucky for all of you (and me) we're going to get the opportunity to get this bad boy put together for us all nice and neat like.  Fresh off successful KS Campaigns for GO WEST, CROAK, AND SCRIMSHAW we're going to get another Alterna crowdfund!  This time around we're going to get the opportunity to have the first six issues nicely wrapped up for a sit down session of kick as comic reading.  No really, this book is bad ass.

What's going on you ask?  Well, the population of Earth has been ravaged leaving two very distinct groups.  Kids, and people that have killed.  That's about as polar opposite as you can get on the pure of heart and evil scale.  It's not a straight Lord of the Flies situation with kids running amok.  There's still a very real and very dangerous world out there.  The tale revolves around four brothers trying to do their best in the new post apocalyptic world.  While teen aged, they aren't fully grown and didn't get the chance to completely mature before everything went to shit.  One of the best parts of the book, for me, is that Mayo brings very real and distinct personalities to the brothers.  This REALLY brings forth the overbearing state of the world as there's nobody to foster the maturity they need, nobody to steer them in the right direction, and nobody to teach them how to navigate with a moral compass.  Though, with the only adults left being those that have taken a life, just what defines moral now?  What do you base your decisions on?  What is truly important and what is a nice afterthought of how it used to be?

Terry Mayo has done a phenomenal job of taking an oft-visited arena (apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic world) and finding a fresh way to use it to help him tell HIS story.  He uses the chosen landscape and crafts it to deliver, I promise, a much richer story than you'd ever imagine in picking this book up.  So we ask you, who truly is Wicked and who is truly Righteous?  Personally I think it best to latch onto this baby when it goes live, support an amazing creator, support an amazing indie publisher, and treat yourself to a wonderful book.

We will DEFINITELY be on board!!!!!

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