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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Todd Black

How often is it that when you come around to hearing about an author, they've already got a series that's TWENTY issues in?  That'd be the case with Mr Black here, at least for me.  His flagship title, Guardians, already has twenty issues out in the comic world.  That's insane.  Hell, Marvel and DC can't get a title past 12 or so it seems ....

... but more to the point, Todd's ability is on full display with Guardians.  It's a superhero book, kind of.  It's much bigger and much deeper than that though.  The conventions you're used to are tossed out the window.  Then there's HOME, which uses very real aspects of today's society and social misgivings to twist a tale of a girls just trying to get home ... or is she?  He's also got the GN 10,000 miles which features two kids that have always done the impossible and vow to do that again once more before the change of life tears them apart.  That's not all there is to Todd though.  The man has pumped out THREE Sherlock Holmes novels as well.  Head on over and give the man a moment of your time.

Keep track on Twitter: @Guardians_Comic
Dive into his site: Guardians Comic

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