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Sunday, March 24, 2019

High Spot #1-2

Rob Jones - Dick Giordano - A. Machine - Joe Gutenberg

High Spot is quite the fun little romp.  We're dealing with a stunt woman that ends ups on a pretty big historical adventure.  The type has been done before in both written media as well as the visual kind (movies/tv shows/etc), but this book dives deeper into the historical aspects than most of the other efforts in this area.  For me, that was a welcome change.

On the set, our main character (Kate Carter) is tasked with turning a self-absorbed actor into Teddy Roosevelt.  The guiding purpose behind why is unclear but there is some mention about his father wanting him to take this on.  The actor's father also maybe wants him to be Alexander the Great?  Not entirely sure.  However, this is where (for me) the welcome change to the 'using history' comes in.  Kate and the crew actually go out to study Alexander the Great in order to take on what they've been tasked.  They aren't already experts and aren't set up to be (a certain professor that also flew spaceships).  THIS is the set up and as they go out to study and the comic book caper aspect takes over with everything going every which way.  Down the lane they go with all sorts of danger.

The books are very reader friendly and actual bring a good deal of attention to the history that is being used within them.  Again, I very much enjoyed that the history in the books isn't just a prop or device.  Visually the books feel very "real" in many aspects.  For instance, when watching tv shows some LOOK like tv shows, others look like you're a silent person watching right there where everything is.  The art is much more like the latter.  The art itself and the coloring go well together in bringing this look to the story.  There are areas though, where the art is given the opportunity to shine.

There are some bumps here and there but nothing that made me want to stop reading or give the book a pass over.  I enjoyed the story thus far and the pull of the detail to the history is enough in of itself for me to want a third issue.  I also enjoy the fact that the book features a female lead but lacks an agenda.  The story just happens to have come to life with the main character being who she is.  That's a nice chance of pace to many books hitting the shelves right now.

Overall I liked it and am interested to see where it goes from here. 

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