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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Honor and Curse #1 Preview

Mad Cave is continuing to entice people with their expanding line of books.  Two smash hits are already collected, they've unleashed an epic saga of Biblical proportions, and now they're bringing a new slant on the Madness.


A departure from the tales already told, Honor and Curse brings us to a much different landscape than what we're used to from the MCS line.  Accompanying the age old tales of human desire, romance, and finding one's way is the supernatural element.  A big key with Mark London's writing is his ability to take known and familiar tropes and keep them fresh.  Here he's managed to blend them together with just enough of a fresh pinch that you don't feel like you've already read this story.  That's a good thing because the era of feudal Japan is highly popular with readers.

The blending of the supernatural with the innate human struggle is a nice marriage that appears to lend multiple levels of depth to our main character.  This is reflected in the transition from the world awake to that of Genshi's (our main character) nightmare.  More so than with the other Mad Cave books, Honor and Curse looks to really make an effort to blend the different facets of the story telling into one grand stylistic effort. The art, lettering, and conceptual imagery come together much more fluidly in this book.  This effort is a bit more complex as the importance of combining the elements for this story is a bit more prevalent to the overall telling of the tale.  For me, the best part of this is that the overall epic looks as though it will contain several epic worthy tomes within.  There's a singular journey, one of companionship, one of growth, and of course one of honor to the entirety of life's cycle (past, present, future).  How London and the rest of the creative crew handle each of these pieces in their own right will determine the success of the overarching tale in Honor and Curse.

The book is off to an excellent start and has set up the book on a very solid foundation.

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