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Monday, January 14, 2019

Kickstarter Korner

Here's a look at the Kickstarter projects currently funding that we here at the Indie Engine have our eye on.  Please take a look (links to the projects provided) and see if any of these are right for you!  There's even a couple of projects that have some reviews (again, links provided) from partner sites of our good buddies Lyonsdencomicshop!  ENJOY!

Project image
Peace of Mind #2
Grym Comics

A drastic, extreme end of the pendulum take on our increasing need for artificial means.  Addicted to VR, people find that adapting to reality is beyond their grasp.  It's a new drug and it does make you sick.  Poverty is running rampant and the addicts are struggling to pay for the VR service.  As with anything, there's a price to pay.  This one looks great!

Project image
Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allen Poe #5/Trade
Hocus Pocus Comics

"Edgar Allan Poe has lost everyone he ever loved and now he is losing his mind. Haunted by his wife's ghost and his many literary failures, the poet tumbles into a fantastical world created by his genius...and his madness. This world called Terra Somnium is a nightmare region that merges his macabre literary creations and Norse, Greek, and Egyptian mythological gods and monsters of old, all hell-bent on stopping him from escaping the land of dreams."

*We've read 1-4 and absolutely love this series*

Project image
Aeonian #1
Stefani Manard/Stan Yak/Robert Nugent/Robin Jones

Aeonian is an ongoing series. This campaign is for the first issue, which follows a family who has had a taste of living an extended life, but are looking to solidify their grasp on living forever. Issue one follows the family as they struggle with outside sources, and each other, to reach their goal.
Who is their "guest", and what secrets does he hold?
Blending mythology, horror, and sci-fi, this arc will leave you asking yourself, how far would you go to obtain eternal life?

Project image
Fair Sparks Books

A Knight and Dragon who have been travelling around the world getting into all sort of adventures!  This one is PERFECT for your young reader as well as you.  It is entertaining and thoughtful.  This series is a great way to share your comic/reading love with the younger folks in your family.  Follow along as an unlikely team takes on everything!

*We have read this series and highly recommend it* Review of G/A 1-4 <== Check out Lyonsdencomicshop Partner review of G/A!

Project image
Mike Shea/Ryan Mendoza

In the rustic hills of the small New England town of Miskatonic lies the prestigious Miskatonic High School. When the Community Service Club goes on a field trip, they’ll be launched on a terrifying adventure that will change their lives and birth an evil into our modern century.

Also, this has one of THE BEST price/reward structures we've seen in quite a while. Review of #1-2 <== Check out the Lyonsdencomicshop Partner review of MH!

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