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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mario Candelaria

If one were able to catch Mario during a brief moment between his Ric Flair like Jet Flyin, they'd be all the better for it.  The larger than life personality is fitting of the man coming from Brooklyn.  Though he's from the City That Never Sleeps he doesn't miss out on life's little treasures.  A comic creator and comedic writer, Mario infuses this personality into his work in one form or another.  His works exemplify this.  

Two musically inspired anthologies showcase the diversity of feeling in Mario's work.  27 (Red Stylo Media) is focused on the 27 Club of musicians/performers that rocketed to stardom but died way too soon at the age of 27.  Baroque Pop (Red Stylo Media - Kickstarter by Mario), on the other hand, is all about inspiration and success after finding solace in the music of Lana Del Rey (to boo, the book was formatted at 7x7 to resemble a 45rpm record cover).  From there you can dive into a real world depiction of inner turmoil in ASHES.  The book highlights a man that was on the rocket upward in life only to have a tragic accident threaten to take it all away.  Then there's EPILOGUE.  After having not seen each other for a decade two former lovers have a chance meeting that forces them to reflect on things and then reconsider their futures.  Mario has also had work featured in anthologies centering around crime, noir themes, the music of QUEEN, and professional wrestling.  

This isn't an exhaustive list of Mario's work.  

Head over to his website: theothermarioc for even more insight on Mario Candelaria. 
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