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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Jeremiah Schiek

His passion started out like it does for many people.  A young kid figuring it out with his own ingenuity.  10yr old Jeremiah decided to give it a go by folding construction paper in half and lighting it up with robots.  That spark has kick-started a full on fire for comic artistry and writing.

One of the most notable things about Jeremiah is that he's not only already built a solid base of projects, but the breadth of those projects is impressive.  Sci-Fi, historical, classical, and even a little outlandish tale can be found in his work.  Not one to sit on his hands, he's already collaborating with other INDIE creators to push out projects.  He's even signed on with Stewart Brothers to produce an original graphic novel about the early life of King Tut.  Most recently he's started work on his own project entitled @starshipcaptain76.  The man has traveled and he's been educated.  He even does some art professing at the college level as well.

Check out his work on his site: jscheick
Follow him on Twitter: hushronin

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